November 30, 2019

Top 5 Credit Card Rates

Credit card charges can sound daunting to many people who do not have a good financial education. But few know what they are, what each is for, and whether cartoons are required on all cards. The reality is that credit card charges are limited to five types of payment. This rule is guaranteed by law and was created by the Lightyear Bank. Prior to this initiative, about 80 credit card fees were charged. Credit card charges may vary by bank and usage. Some card fees may even be exempt by the bank, but there is no order for banks to offer services without any payment.   Top Credit Card Rates…

November 10, 2019

Loan Agreement – what you should know?

Borrowing money is common. We take loans from banks, loans from non-banking companies to the indebted, and we usually borrow cash from our family or friends without interest. In this article we will focus on private loans. Before signing the loan agreement, you should read our tips. An oral loan agreement If the amount borrowed does not exceed USD 900, you do not need to draw up a loan agreement. Private loan can be granted orally. This may seem strange and unreliable, but there is actually a form of borrowing if small values ​​are involved. Our advice: It is best to draw up a loan agreement for each borrowed amount,…

November 8, 2019

What documents do you need for payday loan?

What documents are necessary to receive the payday pay? Different loan companies may have different requirements for applicants, but some of the documents they need are shared. Loan application Let’s start with what is the basis. A loan application is necessary to apply for payday loans, regardless of whether we do it traditionally or online. In the latter case, it is an online form, but in both variants it must contain information that will be used to identify the applicant and analyze his creditworthiness. Therefore, it must contain personal data, such as name and surname, PESEL number, ID card number, as well as address of residence, registered address or correspondence….