December 20, 2019

Banking Products – Cash Bank Loan

Credit is a financial product known for a long time. For this reason, it is obvious to many people that when you need money, just go to the bank and apply. Although the assumptions of loans are similar, sometimes their terms and costs are slightly different. Contrary to appearances, if you look deeper into financial services a little deeper, finding cheap credit is possible. What should you know about cash loans and when can they be taken? What is a cash (bank) loan? The concept of credit covers at least several different financial services. In the case of cash loans, this is nothing other than a consumer loan or loan….

December 8, 2019

Where to get a quick loan for a company without certificates?

Do you run a business and need money, but getting a loan is disturbed by a negative BIK history or ZUS arrears? These non-bank companies do not check for business development, current expenses or repayment of liabilities despite adverse entries in the Credit Information Bureau report or insurance debts. We have no doubts: loans without BIK for companies and payday loans for those in debt to ZUS are not a myth at all. They exist, although few lenders offer them. We have traced assortments of non-bank institutions specializing in enterprise financing, checking what they have to offer to entrepreneurs with a bad credit history or those late with paying premiums…