January 18, 2020

Types of loans, or everything about non-bank sector products

Non-bank loans for individuals and enterprises have been gaining popularity for several years. Unlike banks, loan companies do not pay much attention to credit history. Among consumers, online loans and secured loans are in the lead. It is also worth paying attention to cash loans with home delivery. The loan industry is booming The non-banking sector has been steadily growing since 2008. Since the financial crisis, banks have started to advise the creditworthiness of a potential borrower more restrictively. Therefore, a gap was created in the financial market that loan companies filled. According to a report, consumer credit for individuals mounted to USD 78 billion. The sum of loans granted…

December 20, 2019

Banking Products – Cash Bank Loan

Credit is a financial product known for a long time. For this reason, it is obvious to many people that when you need money, just go to the bank and apply. Although the assumptions of loans are similar, sometimes their terms and costs are slightly different. Contrary to appearances, if you look deeper into financial services a little deeper, finding cheap credit is possible. What should you know about cash loans and when can they be taken? What is a cash (bank) loan? The concept of credit covers at least several different financial services. In the case of cash loans, this is nothing other than a consumer loan or loan….

November 10, 2019

Loan Agreement – what you should know?

Borrowing money is common. We take loans from banks, loans from non-banking companies to the indebted, and we usually borrow cash from our family or friends without interest. In this article we will focus on private loans. Before signing the loan agreement, you should read our tips. An oral loan agreement If the amount borrowed does not exceed USD 900, you do not need to draw up a loan agreement. Private loan can be granted orally. This may seem strange and unreliable, but there is actually a form of borrowing if small values ​​are involved. Our advice: It is best to draw up a loan agreement for each borrowed amount,…