December 8, 2019

Where to get a quick loan for a company without certificates?

Do you run a business and need money, but getting a loan is disturbed by a negative BIK history or ZUS arrears? These non-bank companies do not check for business development, current expenses or repayment of liabilities despite adverse entries in the Credit Information Bureau report or insurance debts.

We have no doubts: loans without BIK for companies and payday loans for those in debt to ZUS are not a myth at all. They exist, although few lenders offer them. We have traced assortments of non-bank institutions specializing in enterprise financing, checking what they have to offer to entrepreneurs with a bad credit history or those late with paying premiums to the Social Insurance Institution.

Loans without certificates – even for those in debt

Loans without certificates - even for those in debt

The entrepreneur’s reliability in timely payment of compulsory insurance premiums is important for the bank, but not necessarily for a private loan company.

Unlike banks, most lenders do not require the applicant to provide certificates from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) or the tax office not to default on payment of insurance premiums or tax. Not only that – you do not even have to document the lack of arrears in relation to these institutions by showing evidence of tax or ZUS contributions (eg confirmation of transfers). 

There is no need to prove that we are “clean” with ZUS or tax authorities, but this does not necessarily mean that we will get a loan in every company despite the debt to these state institutions. If, due to our debt, we are on the blacklist of at least one of the BIGs (economic information offices), we can forget about quick loans. At least about those at the best prices.

If our company is not yet in BIG, delays in payments to ZUS or the tax office do not have a problem in access to express cash. Selected loan companies allow financing despite the entrepreneur’s existing tax or contribution arrears, and the repayment of liabilities to these entities may even be the purpose of the loan.

Debt at ZUS (Social Security Office) or tax office does not prevent you from applying for a loan, it is nevertheless worth bearing in mind that these are entities that apply the collateral requirement for concluded contracts in the form of pledges.

Loans without BIK for companies

Loans without BIK for companies

When considering the loan application, both the bank and the non-bank company assess whether the person applying for financing can afford future installments. This study is called creditworthiness analysis. They are carried out by comparing the client’s revenues to their regular expenses, among which the most important are currently paid installments, ie current credit debt.

The applicant informs the lender about the source and amount of his income – by declaring these data in writing or submitting documents confirming the profits achieved.

Although when completing the loan application, the applicant will be asked to provide installments for loans and credit repayments and limits on accounts or credit cards, most loan companies will check the client’s BIK anyway. Of course: with his prior consent, which is required to gain insight into the person’s credit history, kept by the Bureau.

The BIK report will show all current and past credit debts of the client, as long as the interested party has not withdrawn consent to process the commitment data after its full repayment.

On the market, however, you can find companies that do not verify BIK’s corporate clients or grant loans despite the unfavorable credit history. Negative BIK of the entrepreneur will not prevent you from getting a loan.

Money obtained from a loan without BIK can be used for any purpose, including employees’ salaries, purchase of office equipment, machinery or equipment, renovation, payment of liabilities and arrears to ZUS / US or investments.

written by Pauline Kunkle - Posted in Quick Loan